Hello world!

Here I wander into the world of Blogging. Being a flippant and inconstant diarist in my youth, I fear this won’t last long, but I hope that this new accountability will make me more likely to not only write regularly, but to try, at least, to make my entries fairly interesting.  Let us all cross our fingers that I do not slump away from this endeavor in a month, bereft of ideas and ashamed. I hope to at least muster a trudge.


About charliegreenberry

I grew up in the wilds of New Mexico in a strange combination of free and restricted. Now, as I stumble unwillingly into adulthood, I find memories resurfacing. So I dust them off, sand them, slap on a coat of paint and display them with the hopes that at some point they'll make sense and pull the room together. The blog is a space for writing, for sharing, someday sharing without worrying about who is reading it, and a place to practice. Virginia Woolf said, "A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." Well, here's to having a room at least.
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Kate Marlowe says:

    I love the word trudge. WordPress, huh? Fancy! VERY EXTRA Pleased you’re blogging!

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