Shopping List

One banjo because it is what happy sounds like

One tent, one coleman lantern, a couple of fishing poles, and one iron skillet because it’s time to stop pretending that having a house and bills and stability is really what I dream of just because it’s what I’m supposed to want

One ticket on a vintage train, one sky-big and blue, and a few buffalo for aesthetic purposes so we can stop pretending we are civilized

One deep, heavy rainstorm with dripping clothes, scraggly hair, and runny makeup. No, scrap the makeup, it doesn’t do much for me anyway. Consider it a new baptism into the church of life and everything

Some duct tape, baling wire, and super glue, so I can fix every broken thing I see.

Some wisdom, so that I know that some things should stay broken. Maybe it can come in the shape of an owl

A book of jokes, something to make us laugh, something to make us smile. Something to make us stop being so damned serious now and then, for that is probably the true home of wisdom.

And finally, a place to rest where the mountains and the sky seem inseparable in the dim starlight, bats swoop low under our porch light, and love, companionship and friendship are as close as oxygen.


About charliegreenberry

I grew up in the wilds of New Mexico in a strange combination of free and restricted. Now, as I stumble unwillingly into adulthood, I find memories resurfacing. So I dust them off, sand them, slap on a coat of paint and display them with the hopes that at some point they'll make sense and pull the room together. The blog is a space for writing, for sharing, someday sharing without worrying about who is reading it, and a place to practice. Virginia Woolf said, "A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." Well, here's to having a room at least.
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2 Responses to Shopping List

  1. Teresa Cipriano says:

    I have no talent but rhythm…I’ll bring a tamborine.

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