Apologies and Downton Abbey

Wow, I’ve certainly dropped the ball here haven’t I? I haven’t posted in months, yet I logged in today to find a steady stream of readers even in my absence. That just makes me feel so much worse. 

I have many excuses, as any human should. 2012 was a tumultuous year, and in it I learned more about myself than I ever wanted to know. After all of the stress and heartbreak, I picked up the pen and started writing again in earnest. It’s been ages since I wrote a story or could sustain an idea, but they came tumbling from me. I fear, in the aftermath, I avoided the blog. All I wanted to write about here was how badly the year was going, and I didn’t want to burden anyone else with that. Someone said to me that when comfort and complacency are stripped away, truth remains. In that space of losing people and ideas, I learned what I truly believe in, and that is that the only time I feel wholly me is while writing, which kind of sucks, because writing is kind of torturous.  

I shall try better now to write for you and maybe even entertain you on occasion. My friends are so supportive of this little blog that I feel I must continue, if only to give them something to cheer. 


In that spirit, here’s an Apology Post.

Having recently fallen deeply in love with the best soap opera in the world, Downton Abbey, I have found that the show influences my daily activities. I often think, of myself in terms of my favorite characters when in sticky situations. In that vein, here’s an apology from each of my favorite Downton characters.

The Dowager: The offence created by a dearth of posts pales in comparison to what one would have felt had I written more diligently. 

Cousin Isobel: Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister…. oh, hang on, wrong series. I would have assumed of my readers that they should understand that there are more pressing matters at hand than writing for a contemptible and paltry blog. 

Lady Mary: I know you think I’m retched, and I, no doubt, deserve your contempt, but I love you.

Lady Edith: I am not bothered by your faults, so please, ignore mine. I didn’t write because I was with the marriages of my prettier sisters. My favorite thing about you is that you continue to read my blog, even though my writing is far from attractive.

Daisy: I don’t know why you even click the link to the blog in the first place. I’m just a kitchen maid!

Branson: This blog is political, and must change with the state of politics in this country. I am here for the rights of the downtrodden, not for entertainment. 


Mrs. Patmore: Ah, get to bed and quit looking at this blog before you ruin your eyes!

Thomas: I am sorry, and I hope that you will continue to allow me to serve you.

Mrs. O’Brien: I’m sorry to see you upset. I don’t mind saying it. Please allow me to spend the rest of my life trying to make up for my dire mistake.  

Ethel: Please, mum, consider me humbled by what I’ve experienced.

Anna: I am not sorry, for I know now what it is to exist. Now there’s no life for me but this.



About charliegreenberry

I grew up in the wilds of New Mexico in a strange combination of free and restricted. Now, as I stumble unwillingly into adulthood, I find memories resurfacing. So I dust them off, sand them, slap on a coat of paint and display them with the hopes that at some point they'll make sense and pull the room together. The blog is a space for writing, for sharing, someday sharing without worrying about who is reading it, and a place to practice. Virginia Woolf said, "A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." Well, here's to having a room at least.
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2 Responses to Apologies and Downton Abbey

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, since it appears we were scarcely worthy of your time you may assume that we found more amenable amusement. However, since that amusement was, unfortunately, not entirely amenable, we confess to being not at all displeased that you have returned. The Dowager

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