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In God’s Attic Apartment, A Poem

Hey guys, all six of you who regularly read this blog and say just enough nice things to make me write another, this is for you. Underneath this unnecessarily boring introduction is a poem I wrote and thought I’d share. Now, I … Continue reading

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The Zombie Teacher

The following is a bit of flash fiction I’ve had in a notebook for a while. Since yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day and because I just gave my last final of the semester, I’m sharing it. I hate to explain … Continue reading

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A Lovely Redemption

I have decided that I have been using the word “lovely” in a sardonic sense far too much lately when scooping up my Kelly Dog’s lovely poops when dealing with the lovely pleasantries of unpleasant people, and when massaging that lovely nervous … Continue reading

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So Your House is Haunted, Now What?

On several formally reputable channels, you can watch dozens of shows about ghosts and spirits. Contact one of these glorious shows, and they will come to your abode, find evidence of paranormal activity, show you the evidence, and leave with … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Why I Wouldn’t Want to be a Superhero

Today’s post comes from a very good young writer, Marissa. It’d be grand if we could leave Marissa a few encouraging words because then, when she inevitably becomes a super villain, she won’t use her freezeray on us. ***** On … Continue reading

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New Gods for a New Age

It’s time we got some new gods. Sure, the Norse gods were appropriate for Vikings and all their drinking and pranks. The Greek gods had their run of wearing funny hats and raping women while pretending to be various domestic … Continue reading

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I Cannot Believe I Haven’t Written One About Tea Yet

It took me 5 minutes to type the title because my clumsy caffeine fingers kept screwing it up. Tea is love. Drinking tea at work earlier, I came to a realization. The feeling I have when drinking a good cuppa … Continue reading

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