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Gifts for Jerks

I hate much about this time of year. Sure, it comes with my birthday and pretty Christmas decorations, and happy looking people, but there’s a seedy underbelly to the holiday season: the need to give gifts to people you don’t like. … Continue reading

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Advice for the Socially Awkward, From the Socially Awkward

Flirting: The best way to flirt is to be so quiet that the object of your affection doesn’t realize you are there. While you are being quiet, think about how awesome your crush is so that your brain waves will … Continue reading

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Listen to your Dog

This morning my dad  gave me the cryptic bit of advice: I should listen to my dog, Kelly. This bit of advice had nothing to do with today’s conversation, but I believe it probably has something to do with a … Continue reading

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Care Packages

My sister has several years on me (old fart), and when I was still very young she decided to go to the local military academy, NMMI. We’d go visit her on weekends, and after a while she starting to bring … Continue reading

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For Pops on his Birthday and Father’s Day

 Today, in honor of both Father’s Day and the anniversary (I won’t tell you how many) of my own pop’s birth, I wanted to write for my dad, and this time i don’t intend to call him a cheat. I’m writing … Continue reading

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Wherein the Plaintiff Compiles Evidence of the Defendant’s Guilt: Or Paybacks are Sons-of-a-Gun

                I promised my ornery Pops that I was going to post anecdotal evidence that he’s a big cheater cheater pumpkin eater. I present the evidence to the court and ask that the jury consider the facts and hand my … Continue reading

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