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A Lovely Redemption

I have decided that I have been using the word “lovely” in a sardonic sense far too much lately when scooping up my Kelly Dog’s lovely poops when dealing with the lovely pleasantries of unpleasant people, and when massaging that lovely nervous … Continue reading

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7 Things Your University Instructors Wished You Already Knew

1. The syllabus is like your bible. Only, you should actually read it, not just hold it in your hands and yell at people like some folks do. Also, don’t make a religion out of your class, and, if you … Continue reading

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New Gods for a New Age

It’s time we got some new gods. Sure, the Norse gods were appropriate for Vikings and all their drinking and pranks. The Greek gods had their run of wearing funny hats and raping women while pretending to be various domestic … Continue reading

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Four Fashions We Need to Eliminate and the Historical Reasons Why

1. skinny jeans Look, skinny jeans have had their run. If you find yourself combining jeans, the symbol of rugged individualism, with leggings, basically exactly what they wore back in the courtly days, into jeggings, you have a serious issue. … Continue reading

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What’s a Princess Anyway?

When I was really little, I studied Disney cartoons with a fierce curiosity. Convinced that they contained within them the secret to becoming a princess, I watched them religiously. I determined that the only true qualification (besides being born into royalty … Continue reading

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6 Things to Consider Before Deciding to Conquer other Countries

I love history, and what I love most about it is that it’s just a series of stories. If you read it right, it’s a how-to guide for global politics or maybe it’s more apt to call it a how-not-to … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name: Or you Deserve an Explanation

If you haven’t figured it out, my parents did not choose to name me the unfortunately masculine name that heads this blog; thus, preventing the ruination of my life forever. Nah, instead they chose to call me Opal which is … Continue reading

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