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Guest Post: Why I Wouldn’t Want to be a Superhero

Today’s post comes from a very good young writer, Marissa. It’d be grand if we could leave Marissa a few encouraging words because then, when she inevitably becomes a super villain, she won’t use her freezeray on us. ***** On … Continue reading

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What’s a Princess Anyway?

When I was really little, I studied Disney cartoons with a fierce curiosity. Convinced that they contained within them the secret to becoming a princess, I watched them religiously. I determined that the only true qualification (besides being born into royalty … Continue reading

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The Woolly Mammoth in the Room

When salespeople come up to me in the store an ask “are you ok?” “You still doing ok?” “Are you finding everything ok?” “Do you need any help?” I really want to say, “No, I’m not ok. The price of … Continue reading

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On Applications, Deities, and Pachyderms

  Spoiler alert: Applications are obnoxious, and my mind runs away with ideas. I’m staring right now, glaring really, at a stack of applications that seems to be growing by the minute. Any minute now they’ll come in contact with … Continue reading

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