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7 Things Your University Instructors Wished You Already Knew

1. The syllabus is like your bible. Only, you should actually read it, not just hold it in your hands and yell at people like some folks do. Also, don’t make a religion out of your class, and, if you … Continue reading

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Why Election Years are Always Going to Suck

1. Politicians Speak Their own Language Quick, define “Freedom.” Is that financial freedom? Freedom to say whatever the hell you want? Freedom to buy cheetos at 2 am? Or perhaps freedom to go on a murderous rampage every 3 years? … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Guide to TV

I am a picky watcher of TV. In fact, I don’t even subscribe to any cable or satellite services. I don’t take suggestions easily, mostly because anytime someone says the words “You would like” I have to wonder how anyone else knows … Continue reading

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How to Clean a Bathroom

This post is part of my Look-Out-Martha-Stewart series of one to more than one posts about cleaning, cooking and general domesticity. Every time I have to clean a bathroom I wonder why indoor plumbing is considered a marker of civilization. … Continue reading

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Advice for Social Networking

This post is in honor of my brother who tells me that facebook is just a more socially acceptable method of writing on the bathroom wall. It has become apparent that, after close to a decade of Facebook, we need to … Continue reading

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Great Pranks From Pop Culture: or 4 Ways to Lose all your Friends

Don’t do these. Seriously. 1. Zombie The Set Up: I’m something of a connoisseur of Cheesy Zombie Flicks, but even I am amazed at how very many zombie scenarios begin with a person waking up naked and alone in a hospital. does a much … Continue reading

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5 Literary Characters Who Got the Short End and Lessons we can Learn from Them

Ok, so the term “literary” is used very loosely here. I’m well aware of the cannon issues. 1. Mary Bennet, Pride and Prejudice When Mr. Collins comes to marry one of Mr. Bennet’s five daughters, he meets resistance from all but … Continue reading

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