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What is it Good for? Absolutely Nothing

Today I’m bombarded by a barrage of sentences at work. I’m compiling instructor guides so that they can easily pull up activities for their students. I exhausted my own resources last week; this week the list was in my inbox again. I need … Continue reading

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I Get the Best Spam Email or Why I’m starting to Wonder if I’m a Time Traveler

About two years ago I got an email with the subject, “Ants you to entreat the Blesse.” With an opener like that I just had to open it. Viruses, be damned.  I’m too lazy to type the whole thing, but … Continue reading

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So Perhaps the Three Fates Were Not Far Off: A Spacey Rant About Time and Memory

It’s funny, the way we treat memory. We like to be nostalgic, even for things we knew were bad. Some of us (ie the author) like to live in memories instead of reality. We have this collective memory that lets us talk … Continue reading

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If You Could….

          As you may have figured out by now, I like stories. Hearing them, reading them, writing them, telling them, even eavesdropping on strangers in public places to hear theirs (I ain’t droppin’ no eaves, sir!). My problem with writing … Continue reading

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Bigger than my Hands

                If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my little adventure today as I followed the footprints left behind from the Wild Kingdom wannabes in our yard last night, it is that I am an expert tracker. Seriously, someone’s going … Continue reading

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