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The Zombie Teacher

The following is a bit of flash fiction I’ve had in a notebook for a while. Since yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day and because I just gave my last final of the semester, I’m sharing it. I hate to explain … Continue reading

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7 Things Your University Instructors Wished You Already Knew

1. The syllabus is like your bible. Only, you should actually read it, not just hold it in your hands and yell at people like some folks do. Also, don’t make a religion out of your class, and, if you … Continue reading

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Hollywood, Here’s my Movie Pitch

We are constantly being bombarded by terrible movies, and, after watching one last night, I realize that I have what it takes to write them.  Don’t worry, I won’t forget you when I am famous. Here’s my pitch. Ok, remember … Continue reading

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Superheroes, Hegemony, and Normal People

I am thoroughly convinced that our reactions to superheroes says all anyone needs to know about our personalities. Now, I’ll admit, I never really was one for comic books, but turn those books into cartoons or movies, and I am all over … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Guide to TV

I am a picky watcher of TV. In fact, I don’t even subscribe to any cable or satellite services. I don’t take suggestions easily, mostly because anytime someone says the words “You would like” I have to wonder how anyone else knows … Continue reading

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Lie to me, Please

I live a lie. “What’s  your name?” he shouted over the crowd and the rap beat, bumping up through the soles of our feet and rattling our rib cages. “Uh, Lucy.” I answer with a coy smile. “Like in the … Continue reading

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What is it Good for? Absolutely Nothing

Today I’m bombarded by a barrage of sentences at work. I’m compiling instructor guides so that they can easily pull up activities for their students. I exhausted my own resources last week; this week the list was in my inbox again. I need … Continue reading

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