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So Your House is Haunted, Now What?

On several formally reputable channels, you can watch dozens of shows about ghosts and spirits. Contact one of these glorious shows, and they will come to your abode, find evidence of paranormal activity, show you the evidence, and leave with … Continue reading

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7 Things Your University Instructors Wished You Already Knew

1. The syllabus is like your bible. Only, you should actually read it, not just hold it in your hands and yell at people like some folks do. Also, don’t make a religion out of your class, and, if you … Continue reading

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Why Election Years are Always Going to Suck

1. Politicians Speak Their own Language Quick, define “Freedom.” Is that financial freedom? Freedom to say whatever the hell you want? Freedom to buy cheetos at 2 am? Or perhaps freedom to go on a murderous rampage every 3 years? … Continue reading

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New Gods for a New Age

It’s time we got some new gods. Sure, the Norse gods were appropriate for Vikings and all their drinking and pranks. The Greek gods had their run of wearing funny hats and raping women while pretending to be various domestic … Continue reading

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Missed Chances, Coming Back Around

I missed the eclipse a few nights ago because I was cleaning up a mess my dog made. It wasn’t a critical or toxic mess, just a toy ripped into such small pieces that the stuffing looked like molecules. I had been … Continue reading

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Superheroes, Hegemony, and Normal People

I am thoroughly convinced that our reactions to superheroes says all anyone needs to know about our personalities. Now, I’ll admit, I never really was one for comic books, but turn those books into cartoons or movies, and I am all over … Continue reading

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We Need to Talk

See this? Yeah, this, right here. This stuff needs to stop. Stop posting this stuff on Facebook, and Pinterest, and Blogs, and all those other places where nonsensical nonsense gather. This graphic is a lie. An appropriate example of a … Continue reading

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