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The Zombie Teacher

The following is a bit of flash fiction I’ve had in a notebook for a while. Since yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day and because I just gave my last final of the semester, I’m sharing it. I hate to explain … Continue reading

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Superheroes, Hegemony, and Normal People

I am thoroughly convinced that our reactions to superheroes says all anyone needs to know about our personalities. Now, I’ll admit, I never really was one for comic books, but turn those books into cartoons or movies, and I am all over … Continue reading

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6 Things to Consider Before Deciding to Conquer other Countries

I love history, and what I love most about it is that it’s just a series of stories. If you read it right, it’s a how-to guide for global politics or maybe it’s more apt to call it a how-not-to … Continue reading

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Sprechen sie Dog?

My dog is a nuisance, albeit an adorable one. I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life, but none so obstinate. She is the raw material waiting to be turned into a book someday, when we will laugh about all the couch cushions she’s … Continue reading

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In which Chuck Greenberry Loses all Her Followers

I have done a thing I strive not to do: I have written a public letter to a politician, and, in so doing, shared my opinions. Gasp! I have tucked the letter nicely below to share because this subject is one … Continue reading

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Great Pranks From Pop Culture: or 4 Ways to Lose all your Friends

Don’t do these. Seriously. 1. Zombie The Set Up: I’m something of a connoisseur of Cheesy Zombie Flicks, but even I am amazed at how very many zombie scenarios begin with a person waking up naked and alone in a hospital. does a much … Continue reading

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Gifts for Jerks

I hate much about this time of year. Sure, it comes with my birthday and pretty Christmas decorations, and happy looking people, but there’s a seedy underbelly to the holiday season: the need to give gifts to people you don’t like. … Continue reading

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