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The Fault in Our Stars is That they Keep Crying

I actually accidentally met John Green before I read anything by him and way before I knew what a nerdfighter was. I got to go to NCTE in Chicago a few years back, a giant convention of English teachers, getting … Continue reading

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In God’s Attic Apartment, A Poem

Hey guys, all six of you who regularly read this blog and say just enough nice things to make me write another, this is for you. Underneath this unnecessarily boring introduction is a poem I wrote and thought I’d share. Now, I … Continue reading

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Coming out of the Broom Closet

Sorry for taking so long to post, my dearest readers (all six of you). I’ve been buried under essays. Literally. At one point they slid off the table and crushed me under nonsensical prepositional phrases and grand assertions. I’m back … Continue reading

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Heartbreaker in the Laundromat

She was wearing a neon shirt with a life-like kitten’s face blown up so that it covered her whole torso. The shirt was too small, so the cat constantly winked. He was short, his t-shirt was too short to hide … Continue reading

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So Your House is Haunted, Now What?

On several formally reputable channels, you can watch dozens of shows about ghosts and spirits. Contact one of these glorious shows, and they will come to your abode, find evidence of paranormal activity, show you the evidence, and leave with … Continue reading

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Why Election Years are Always Going to Suck

1. Politicians Speak Their own Language Quick, define “Freedom.” Is that financial freedom? Freedom to say whatever the hell you want? Freedom to buy cheetos at 2 am? Or perhaps freedom to go on a murderous rampage every 3 years? … Continue reading

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New Gods for a New Age

It’s time we got some new gods. Sure, the Norse gods were appropriate for Vikings and all their drinking and pranks. The Greek gods had their run of wearing funny hats and raping women while pretending to be various domestic … Continue reading

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